Cleaning Jewellery the Green Way!

Whether you’re green to the core or are simply looking for a quick fix for your favourite necklace before you hit the town it’s super easy to make your bling shine like new with a few simple ingredients from the kitchen cupboard.

Green Cleaning Jewellery (1)

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Why does it work?

The reason jewellery starts looking dirty is due to the build up of an off-colour chemical compound, like a black-coloured sulfide (i.e., tarnish). These compounds build up on the surface of the jewellery over time as it is exposed to air.

Green Cleaning Jewellery (3)When you are cleaning your jewellery you’ll probably notice that it gives off a slight sulfury smell – like bad eggs. This is due to a chemical reaction that is taking place, removing the tarnish from the jewellery. If you look at the foil when you’re done you’ll probably be able to see dirty marks where your jewellery was resting. It might even be detailed enough to make out the pattern of your chains like mine was!

Disclaimer: If you’re ever unsure, or are planning to clean your grandmother’s priceless diamond engagement ring please get advice from an expert.