Top of the Class – from Animation Fixation

Check out some of this amazing work from one of our students Chris McGinty. We have a feeling he might have had a go at this stuff before! Great stuff Chris; we look forward to seeing you and your slick skills at another class soon.

During the class we all had a go at making a bouncing ball animation. We talked about the principles of squash and stretch, anticipation, arcs, exaggeration, and speed. This short clip will give you a good idea of all the little tips we learnt that night – we can’t wait to start applying them to more complex shapes! A big thanks to our teacher Jarrod for all his wonderful explanations.

[youtube height=”480″ width=”853″][/youtube]

[Video audio: Background noise only.]


The featured image above is borrowed with thanks from Ignacio Palomo Duarte under a Creative Commons Licence.