Meet the Host: Sarah at The Brunswick Tea Room

Sarah is the co-owner of Mary Eats Cake and hosts Laneway Learning classes in Brunswick.

What is it about Laneway Learning that appeals to you?

I love that you gain a glimpse into the world of complex, interesting things in a down-to-earth and fun way. The range of topics, presenters, and venues makes it a dynamic and exciting environment to be part of…and you pick up some really great dinner conversation facts along the way!

How did you get involved in Laneway Learning?

I first went to a cheese making class with a friend. Then came on as a teacher and taught a couple of classes on the art and science behind tea blending. Finally, I loved the whole concept so much I wanted to share it with my Brunswick community. So we started hosting classes from our tea house on Sydney Road.

What is your professional background?

I studied French and Psychology at University. I then worked in a private psychology practice and alongside my work completed an honours degree and a research project.

I love psychology in that it gives you a framework to better understand human behaviour for both yourself and others…who doesn’t want to know what others might be thinking or feeling?! A passion for people and boutique brands then led me to open up a tea house, Impala & Peacock – now called The Brunswick Tea Room – where I continue to interact with amazing people all the time.

Sarah, reading a book in the Tea Room

Is there a podcast you love to listen to?

Stuff you should know“. It has all the answers to the questions you never asked but now desperately need to find out. All the way from how passports work to how mosquitoes pass disease and what’s the deal with earwax.

Is there something you wish you knew? A skill? A fact?

It would be pretty cool to be able to do parkour. I watch a team train in Southbank and they have such mobility, strength, and hippness to their stride, very cool.

What is your most memorable learning experience?

Robert from Bee Sustainable came and did the bee dance for us at Brunswick Laneway Learning. I will never forget the way he passionately moved his hips to illustrate how bees perform this really complex and interconnected communication…it was perfect.

Is there something you think everyone should learn?

Learn to keep learning. Having a thirst for knowledge and a desire to continue ‘bettering’ yourself is admirable. There are so many fascinating things in the world and continuing to be a student in life is both humbling and empowering, I think we should all learn to learn more often.

Sarah, holding up a cup and saucer in place of her eyes

Sarah hosts Laneway Learning in her tea house, The Brunswick Tea Room, on Sydney Road in Brunswick.

Edit: The Brunswick Tea Room is now called Mary Eats Cake.

The images used are borrowed and edited, with thanks, from Sarah.