Meet the Host: Elle-May at in.cube8r Gallery

Elle-May is the owner of in.cube8r Gallery and hosts Laneway Learning classes in Fitzroy.

How did you get involved with in.cube8r Gallery?

I took over in.cube8r just over a year ago. The store has been alive for almost ten years now, and is a handmade institution in Melbourne.

I heard it was for sale through a friend and contacted the owner to find out more… We had to make some massive life changes to take over in.cube8r, including packing my partner, our two house bunnies and myself up and moving to a new state, selling our Sydney apartment and downsizing and going through a complete lifestyle change, but it has all been worth it.

There are now 100+ artists who sell within our bright pink walls and we are creating a community that is vibrant and inspiring. I love it!

What is it about working at in.cube8r that appeals to you?

After working in corporate for 10 years, running in.cube8r is a dream come true! I always found that the unnecessary restrictions on creativity in corporate environments were unmotivating and demoralising.. The beauty of humans is we are all different and can offer different things!

in.cube8r is super inspirational to me as we have so many creative people selling a range of crafts, and they are constantly coming up with new amazing things of exceptional quality… it is super awesome!

How did you get involved in Laneway Learning?

I was planning on running workshops at in.cube8r as I thought it was a great way of spreading awareness about our space and having people being creative inside of it. As I am pretty time-poor, I reached out to Laneway Learning and offered the use of our space to them. It is a great match!

Elle-May in in.cube8rWhat is your professional background?

I worked in hospitality as a teenager, eventually managing my parents’ restaurant. When I turned 18 I moved to Sydney and started working in a call centre, and moved my way up to the top through upskilling and constantly morphing myself as the roles developed. I am trained in graphic design and recently completed my communications – media degree. I love learning 🙂

Do you have a hobby that you’re really into?

Work takes up most of my time, but on my days off I love gardening! After living in a studio apartment without even a balcony for five years having a garden is a dream come true… It is so lovely seeing things grow and morphing a previously barren and unappealing yard into a little oasis!

Is there a podcast you love to listen to?

I LOVE listening to Freakanomics, This American Life and Serial. I am always on the look out for more podcasts for my commute home!

Who is your hero?

Oh gosh… I love Scott Ludlam the Greens Senator from WA, he is such an inspiration.

What do you think aliens would think of humans if they found us?

That we are both extraordinary and stupid at the same time. We have so much, and we don’t understand or appreciate what we have.

What thing or skill could you not live without?

Computers… honestly I don’t know what I would do without them!

A view from the back of in.cube8r Gallery

Is there something you wish you knew? A skill? A fact?

I wish I had the drive to master a craft like our crafts people do. Practice makes perfect isn’t really my way… I am more of a try it and see kinda girl! So learning how to focus and practice skills is on my self-improvement list. I would also love to get into ceramics eventually!

What is the most amazing thing you ever learned?

Reading the book A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson changed my world! There is so much magic (science) in the world and some of it is unbelievable!

What skill should humanity be aiming for most strongly?

Interpersonal skills! We are all growing more and more detached and today’s society is one of the loneliest society’s ever… We have built a culture that stifles creativity and encourages the mediocre, but this is all easily changed… if we want to go there!

The images are borrowed and edited, with thanks, from Elle-May.