What’s New on Bennetts Lane?

If you’ve been in Melbourne CBD you’ll have seen that there is a lot of construction – everywhere! It doesn’t affect us directly, but the bicycle hoops outside 113-115 Little Lonsdale Street are going to be removed soon. So, if you’re cycling to a class at LL Central, feel free to bring your bike up to the top of Benentts Lane. We usually have space for two bikes inside the main door and there are also parking bollards in front of the building, which are handy to chain up to. bike hoops at either end of Little Lonsdale Street will remain.

And if you arrive feeling a bit chilly when you arrive we’ve got blankets, the heating is on and our ceiling is newly insulated! So you can cozy up in a fleecy blanket* while you learn about feminism, try your hand at some fun drawing games, or discover how to knit your own blanket. Plus we’ve got ethical soft drinks by the wonderful Karma Cola and snacks on the way very soon.

Ginger ale, cola, lemonade and a cat peeking out from under a blanket.

*BYO cat.

The featured image is by Stock Snap and is in the public domain. The photo of the cat is borrowed and edited, with thanks, from PCB75 under a Creative Commons licence.