3D Paper Art – Paper Sculptures

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Fold, cut, slice and glue your way to create a 3D object – with paper!! Learn about how this often overlooked medium is making a comeback in graphic design and communication. Be inspired by amazing paper engineers who are pushing their art to create mind boggling 3D pieces for brands like Hermes, Selfridges and others.

You will learn the basic principles and techniques behind 3D paper sculpture and create your very own objects to take with you.

What will we cover?

We will begin with the basics, making sure you know your valleys from your mountains and delve into some important construction techniques.

From here we leave the theory behind and get hands on! You will fold, cut, slice and glue your way to your very own simple paper sculptures to take home and amaze your family and friends!

You will leave the workshop with inspiration, confidence and know-how to practice your new paper sculpture skills on your own projects.

Who will be teaching?

Louise SeymourLouise Seymour is a paper fanatic whose fascination began at the age of 5 with the introduction of kinder squares and clag glue. Years later she graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Science degree (so she could get a ‘real job’) but never really left those kinder squares behind. Her paper collection is extensive (and may or may not have taken over her apartment) and she spends A LOT of her spare time folding, cutting and gluing away in her own paper paradise.

Louise is the co-founder of Paperlab and runs various workshops around town.