Music Theory: Easy as A B C

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Do you know your crotchet from your semibreve?

This introductory session is for people who have never played a musical instrument, or people who already do, and want to finally ‘get’ music theory. Neil will deliver the essential stuff you need to either experience and understand music as a listener or help existing musos (ear players, you know who you are!) better understand this essential form of communication, all in an almost dum-da-dum kinda way.

Your family or bandmates needn’t know you learnt it this way: they’ll just be in awe of your suddenly-improved theory knowledge!

What will we cover?

Starting at the beginning – the very fundamentals…clefs, notes and chords – this class aims to provide ‘light bulb’ moments for even the most confused musical theorist. Then it’s interaction time! Students will be asked to draw musical symbols, point at the board where you think you should pin the quaver tail and many more things that will help your new knowledge STICK.

By the end you will go home with all the knowledge you need to read basic music.

Who will be teaching?

Neil BollandNeil is a pro musician with nearly 20 years experience as a guitar player. His former confused state as a musical theory dum-dum was solved by a couple of patient Southern Cross Uni lecturers and a desire to have pianists stop laughing at him. It worked, and now Neil does private lessons for guitarists looking to bridge the gap between playing only by ear, to sight-reading and understanding theory in a very short time. Neil also hosts occasional guest lectures at JMC Academy in South Melbourne for guitar players, where he’s honed a clear, concise and logical delivery – for all instrumentalists and those curiously interested!