A Beginner’s Guide to Modern Meditation

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Feeling frazzled or stressed? Give your brain a break and learn how to calm that noisy, non-stop chatter in your head!

Always fancied the idea of meditation but weren’t sure where to start? Well, take a breath – this class is a ‘beginner’s guide’ to meditation.

What will we cover?

This class will give you a practical and hopefully insightful overview of what meditation is, how we can use meditation to help overcome or better deal with stress as well as exploring different methods of meditation and how we can incorporate it into our busy modern lifestyles.

You can expect to:

  • Learn some cool stuff about how beneficial the effects of meditation can be;
  • Participate in a guided meditation, a full body relaxation exercise and learn about how to get some serious Zen time.

Who will be teaching?

Your Zen guide for this class is Samantha Harvey, a newish convert to meditation who, having recently completed a course in Meditation and Holistic Counselling, is now on a mission to teach others how amazing meditation is and how greatly we can benefit from it.