A Beginner’s Guide to Sex Toys

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

For all those interested in seeing what’s out there in the world of sex toys sex educator Louise Bourchier, equipped with her swag of toys, will take you on a guided tour from vibrators to cockrings, from dildos to remote controlled eggs. She will discuss tips for buying a first sex toy, as well as addressing health & safety, storage, and cleaning. This class suggests strategies for increasing confidence and enjoyment of sex toys, and will be presented in an entertaining style, with plenty of time for questions. Suitable for all genders, sexualities and relationship statuses.

What will we cover?

  • The variety of different sex toys out there and how they work
  • What you should consider when buying a sex toy
  • Sex toy health and safety
  • Toys for female anatomy (clits and g-spots!)
  • Toys for male anatomy (penises and prostates!)
  • Toys couples can enjoy together
  • Cleaning and storage of sex toys

Who will be teaching?

Louise Bourchier knows pleasure! A Melbourne‐based sex educator, she runs workshops on a variety of sex‐related topics for adult audiences. She presents workshops throughout Australia and New Zealand to diverse groups, ranging from university students to sexual health professionals. Her focus is on the feel‐good aspects of sex, delivered with a healthy dash of humour. Equipped with a vulva puppet, anatomy diagrams and a handful of sex toys, you can guarantee this is not the sex education you got in school! Louise has a Masters of Public Health, specialising in sexual health, and works with the sex positive adult store D.VICE in Richmond. She can be contacted on Twitter @louiselabouche or by email