The Why, How, When of Popular Fashion

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Twin sets were once the domain of the office girl. The uptight housewife turned them into status symbol of well groomed suburbia, only to have it all ‘ruined’ by their daughters who made it an easy access item for groping in the backseat. High heels will keep you in your saddle and the tuxedo was named after a Native American Chief. Want to know more? Come along!

What will we cover?

Starting in high heels in the animal dung of 9th Century Persia and skipping through time to the present day and it’s appropriation of the Fedora, A Short History of Popular Fashion aims to give the attendee a fun rundown of notable fashion items, where and how they came to be and what they meant to people at the time. It will be a lecture style class with a lot of pictures.

Who will be teaching?

IMG_20140521_085832Jessica West is an indie fashion designer for her own label Fox Parse and co-organiser of the recent VAMFF cultural program event, the Curvy Couture Roadshow. She’s been fascinated with what she can create with fabric and looking weird since she hit her teens. The history and archaeology of fashion came later, once she’d destroyed a few hundred outfits.