A Taste of Tea

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Want the secret to avoiding a horrible bitter green tea? Puzzled by Pu’erh? Wondering what the difference is between oolongs, green and black tea? Wondering where tea even comes from? (Hint: ‘a tea-bag’ is the not the correct answer!)

This class will take you on a journey through some of the fascinating history of tea and give you tastings and tips on brewing some rare and delicious teas – woven through with stories from a passionate tea-trekking, tea sommelier and tea educator.

What will we cover?

After some brief time travel through the history of tea and its origins, we will look at what tea actually is and what makes it so special – and taste our way through 3 wonderful and unusual teas you may never have tasted before (unless you are a pu’erh aficionado!).

We’ll touch on some of the major types of tea, how they are produced and what makes them different from each other. As there are some skills in brewing tea to bring out its best flavour, we’ll look at brewing methods and tips for you to brew up a storm at home!

Who will be teaching?

Crop 20131216_Sarah_Chillin_Workshop_0027 (2)In 2010, Sarah Cowell ditched her government job and set off around Asia following her passion to learn about tea. Upon returning she took up the position as Tea Sommelier at Vue de Monde and then Storm in a Teacup.

As well as co-founding the Australasian Specialty Tea Association, Sarah has created her business ‘Teasense by Sarah Cowell’, offering tea learning experiences, rituals and tasting sessions. Sarah is increasingly focused on how tea is not just a fine beverage, but also a tool for enriching our experience of life through mindfulness, slowing down, simplicity and connecting meaningfully with ourselves , nature and others. More about this can be found on her TeasenseSarah Facebook page, website and blog