A Wild Fermentation Party!

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Fermentation is an age-old technique that has its place amongst many cultures in many forms. In recent times, this traditional craft has resurged for its powerful health properties. The presence of living bacteria in delicious concoctions of sauerkraut and kimchi variations will give your stomach a boost it deserves!

Oh, and did we mention that it is delicious?!

What will we cover?

We will cover everything you need to know to bring a little bit of fermentation into your life.

Starting with a basic presentation covering the fermentation process, we’ll move on to learn how to prepare ferments at home and we’ll have a few tips and pointers to encourage everyone to attempt to make their own cultured veggies. We’ll let you know some of the myriad ways you can eat your veggies too!

Plus everyone will get to take a little ‘living’ present home to look after.

Who will be teaching?

Pat is the owner of Pat’s Veg, a business that specialises in the making of wildly cultured veggies. The group’s slogan is ‘Real Food for Intestinal Fitness’ – endeavouring to offer a product that can assist in gut health and function. The Pat’s Veg crew are based in Coburg. You can find the concoctions at a number of health food stores, cafes and farmers markets throughout Victoria.