Aerodynamics – I Believe I Can Fly

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

From something as simple as dimples on a golf ball, to the complex atmospheric re-entry of the space shuttle, aerodynamics is pivotal to almost every activity humans are involved in.

Discover the fascinating world of aerodynamics, the science underpinning it, and the wide array of phenomena it can explain and predict.

What will we cover?

We will investigate the wide variety of phenomena that occur when air flows over an object.

These include:

  • lift, which allows planes to fly;
  • drag, which allows skydivers to land safely;
  • vortex shedding, which can cause building to collapse;
  • shockwaves, like the sonic boom;
  • and find out the answer to a very important question – can a Formula 1 car really drive upside down on the roof?

Who will be teaching?

Michael PattersonMichael Patterson graduated from the University of Melbourne with Mechanical Engineering and Science degrees. He is also a published composer, and has had works performed by the Melbourne, Adelaide and Queensland Symphony Orchestras. In his spare time he likes to drive Formula 1 cars upside down.*

*this may or may not be true or possible.