All Grain “Speed Brewing”

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Have you ever thought about brewing your own beer? Ready to take the plunge from malt extract brewing to all grain? This class is a fun, hands on introduction to brewing your own all grain beer at home.

What we will cover?

This class is best suited for beer lovers who have either no knowledge or a basic experience in all grain home brewing. This class will cover the basic science and processes behind key stages of the brewing process, from recipe development through to fermentation… including a hands on high speed demonstration of all grain beer production in an esky!

Who will be teaching?

annabelAnnabel is a chemical engineer/environmental scientist turned brewer who, after many years of brewing all grain beers from her own homemade shed brewery, decided to follow her passion and study a Diploma in Brewing at Federation University. In 2014, she eventually started her own Melbourne based brewing company. Being passionate about sustainability and all things natural, she aims to brew good quality beers using local, ethical and seasonal ingredients.