An Introduction to Lomography

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

On the one hand, analogue photography is traditional; it’s got an amazing history which stretches back a couple of hundred years. But film photography also opens up all kinds of real-time experimental possibilities; you can use techniques such as multiple exposures, sprocket-hole photography and cross-processing to get artistic and beautiful effects. You can’t see your photos until they’ve been developed but that’s part of the fun; analogue photography encourages you to embrace each moment and get creative!

What will we cover?

Lomography started out as a spontaneous artistic approach to photography in the Vienna underground scene. It’s now an international socio-cultural movement, one that uses analogue photography as a creative approach for capturing the world. Today we are a globally active organisation dedicated to experimental and creative snapshot photography. The idea of Lomography encompasses an interactive, democratic, social, cultural, vivid, blurred and crazy way of life.

We will look at:

  • What the hell is Lomography?
  • The basics of analogue photography.
  • Lomography cameras & capabilities.
  • What film to use & when?
  • Photographic possibilities in Melbourne.

(If you own a Lomography camera, please do bring it along… if not there will be sample cameras for you to interact with during the class, but just let us know you need one when you book!)

Who will be teaching?

Mel DixonMel Dixon is a self-taught analogue photographer who is passionate and enthusiastic about living through the future of analogue. She began her interest in photography 4 years ago while travelling around Europe and has integrated it into her love of all things creative. Her big break in Melbourne came with a guest photographer role on the online web series, Shutterbugs. In 2012 she was co-curator and an exhibitor in the first Vignetting Victoria Lomography exhibition at No Vacancy Project Space along with running various Lomography workshops during the exhibition. Her love of Lomography has taken her from London to New York and back to Melbourne where she is continuing to establish a strong Lomography community. She also runs an analogue photography blog.

For more Lomography love, check out the Australian Lomography website.