Ancient Art of Belly Dance

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Express your inner goddess by learning the hypnotic movements of the Middle East.

This class will introduce you to this classical, beautiful feminine art form. You’ll be shimmying, undulating and gliding like an oriental queen!

What will we cover?

We will get a short history of the evolution of “belly dance” or raqs sharqi (dance of the East). Its universal movements have been adopted by millions in the Western world.

After a short video of the famous Egyptian screen goddesses who brought this dance to the world, we’ll get stuck in! We will learn basic hand and arm movements. Then we’ll try some upper and lower body movements and footwork. We will combine these all together into a short choreography.

You will receive a copy of the music and a print-out of the steps, all you need to practice your moves at home, and perform your new routine to your chosen audience.

Who will be teaching?

Jamal is an Australian of Lebanese heritage who is passionate about the music, dance, art, culture and languages of the Middle East. She has spent extensive time in the region soaking up its sights and sounds. She is an enthusiastic student and has studied belly dance with a master teacher of international renown. She is excited to pass on her love of this dance to other women. Jamal also enjoys different dance forms and in her spare time dances to the rhythms of Latin America.