Arduino for Absolute Beginners

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Electronics can be delicate, difficult work, and it can be hard to know where to even start. Enter the Arduino, a hardware platform that’s given thousands of artists, experimenters and amateurs around the world the opportunity to bridge the gap between software and hardware to build novel technologically enabled creations. The Arduino platform encapsulates everything you need to realize your electronic fantasies.

What will we cover?

Arduino for Absolute Beginners is designed for people with basically no experience with electronics and controllers to learn how to get things to move and spin.

  • The basics – what an Arduino is, and why you’d want one
  • The setup – the Arduino, the programming computer, the cables, the power source, and your choice of electronic madness
  • Programming the board – there is a bit of code, but don’t let that scare you We can take baby steps or big steps to show you how your hardware interacts with your software.
  • Getting some action – we’ll provide a few different avenues for you to try out the Arduino’s capabilities, but all of them have a real-world element. It’s the transformation from virtual into the physical that is the real excitement of working with this platform.
  • Once we’ve experienced some Arduino magic, we’d love to do a bit of Q&A on the remarkable international Maker community (something that, as newly minted Arduino experts, you’ve taken a big step to joining.)

Who will be teaching?

The workshop is presented by Toolbox, a design/electronics company working out of St Kilda. More specifically it’s presented by Bruno Herfst, Matthew Sullivan and Rhys Sullivan, a trio of technology aficionados who love teaching technology almost as much as they like using technology.