Aromatherapy Around The Home: In The Kitchen

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Aromas can make our environment smell inviting, whether that be refreshing on a hot summer day with a citrus scent or cosy and warm with cloves, orange and berries, essential oils have many uses and using the sense of smell we will explore oils and their simple and effective use in the home.  The kitchen can be both a smell and health hazard as many of its odours are less pleasant like onions, fish and your trash.  Kitchens can also be breeding grounds for bacteria and food borne illness.  The essential oils we will use in the kitchen need to be powerful bacteria inhibitors but also leaving your kitchen smelling fresh and clean.

What we will cover?

In this class we will discover kitchen trouble spots like drains, garbage bins, floors and dishwasher too name a few and suggested cleaning methods using essential oils.  We will share some tips and tricks for recipes at home that can help clean these areas in your kitchen.  We will also share some blends and recipes for you to try at home for your kitchen.  

We will talk about contraindications and what to look out for when buying essential oils.  We will share some tips and tricks to storing your oils at home, how much oil  you need to use and the difference between fragrance and essential oils. There is some simple steps to help you understand how to blend oils that instinctually resonate with your sense of smell.

Then its your turn to get hands on and make your own blends.  Starting with a disinfecting cleaning spray that can be used to clean many areas of your kitchen and finally you’ll make a natural soft cleaning scrub for sinks, stovetops or any place where a mildly abrasive cleaner is needed.

Who will be teaching?

LanewayJason Bourne has been using essential oils for many years and recently re-discovered his passion for oils by becoming a qualified Aromatherapist.  Jason uses aromatherapy everyday in his life and loves that essential oils are all natural.

Jason has a passion for helping people and wants to do his part to help make this world a little bit better.  He is particularly passionate about using Australian oils and is keen to learn more about these oils and how they affect us.