The Art of Still Life

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

This class focuses on individual techniques and styles of drawing that will help you recreate real, still life, objects on paper. Every person has an artist inside them, let your inner artist out and show its vibrant colours to the world!

We will celebrate the skills and differences within every individual and learn that everyone sees the world through different lenses – art really is in the eyes of the beholder. Learn to work with your own talents and views of the world to create a masterpiece.

What will we cover?

This is a drawing class in which you will have a lovely arrangement as your inspiration. Learn to trust your inner instincts and let your creative mind expand using a range of techniques to produce a masterpiece on paper.

You will be exposed to various artists, eras, and styles of art to help you find your own preferred style. Everyone has an artist within and this still life class is suitable for any artistic level with no prior knowledge or skill required.

Who will be teaching?

photoBorn in Melbourne and residing in Elwood, Chantelle Maree Tranchina is a living and breathing inspired artist, fully qualified teacher and a restaurant and bar manager. Having studied four degrees – contemporary arts majoring in literature and visual arts, bachelor of teaching primary and secondary education, a degree in fashion design and also a degree in spiritual development/meditation/healing – she has a passion for learning, teaching and helping others. She is also absolutely addicted to travel and finds herself taking a trip overseas as often as possible! She looks forward to meeting you all and having a bit of light-hearted creative fun.