Backyard Chooks

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

If you love the idea of raising chooks or already have your own flock, come along! There will be something for everyone.

Learn all about our feathery lady friends, how to keep them happy and healthy, and the yummy eggs they lay for us.

What will we cover?

We will go over what to look for when getting new chooks, chook behaviour, flock management, caring for chooks and ways to improve their health and their pens. Basically the whole chook and nothing but the chook. We’ll be chatting about a wide range of topics and have a plenty of chances to ask questions, go over your backyard chook plans and more.

Some of the topics we’ll cover are:

  • What you need to raise chooks,
  • Tips on good chook housing,
  • Picking the right chooks for your backyard,
  • How to care for your chooks and your flock,
  • Common diseases, preventative care and treatments,
  • Managing your flock and improving your chook skills.

Who will be teaching?

Shari is an animal enthusiast and lover of all creatures great and small. Her practical approach to animal health and care focuses on raising animals ethically and sustainably. With nearly 15 years of practice in the veterinary and animal care industries, her skills and knowledge comes from a combination of tertiary education and down-to-earth experience.