Barista Secrets: Filtered Coffee

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Melbourne is rightfully considered one of the great coffee cities of the world, and in this city, espresso reigns supreme. But in the shadows of the espresso machine, baristas and roasters often choose to drink a type of coffee well known to the rest of the world, but only now becoming popular here in Australia: filtered coffee. Part art, part science, this method of brewing brings out the natural qualities of the bean, and can easily be done for little cost at a cafe, at home, or even in the seat of an aeroplane!

What will we cover?

The class will begin with an information session on the coffee cultivation industry (growing regions, bean varietals, processing methods), how beans are roasted, the difference between espresso and filtered coffee and how filtered coffee is prepared. You will then roll up your sleeves and brew up some delicious coffee with the help of a skilled barista.

Who will be teaching?

Eldric StuartEldric Stuart is the head barista at The Fair, in Richmond, and has worked in a variety of cafes around Melbourne over the past two years. Canadian born and trained, he fell in love with Melbourne and it’s coffee culture and has thrown himself into learning as much he can from the city where coffee isn’t a drink, it’s an obsession.