Beautiful Maths: What are Numbers? with Blake ONLINE

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

We all learned what numbers are in school – and throughout life. We start off with the counting and whole numbers and then consider fractional numbers like ½.

Then most of us would have learned about the ‘real numbers’ – all of which lie on a line. Whilst this might seem like the ‘end’ of all possible numbers, it is in fact, just the beginning!

The aim of this class is to help you realise that the numbers you likely familiar with form only a small portion of all possible ‘number systems’ and excite further exploration into the beautiful possibilities of math.

We will have fun and engaging questions throughout the talk, encourage curiosity and show the world of numbers in a new perspective

What will we cover?

Math, dimensions and bundles in this fascinating class.

  • We will start from scratch – building up the numbers from the counting numbers through to the ‘real numbers’
  • We will then continue our search – looking for numbers which are missing from the ‘real numbers’
  • Explore the answer to the question: how many different ‘number systems’ (like the real numbers) are possible in our world?

Blake SimsWho will be teaching?

Blake is a university and high school mathematics tutor, also finishing a late masters at the University of Melbourne in Pure Mathematics.

He is deeply passionate about helping people see the beauty in mathematics. He does this by teaching complex topics in an easy-to-understand way, and by teaching students via carefully curated questions; aimed to get the students engaged and interested in the material.