Become a ‘Thriller’ Zombie!

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Every tried imitating the King of Pop and his amazing moves in the “Thriller” music video? Perhaps straining your hips (and your voice) as you work those moves and his signature falsetto? Fret not! Get ready to learn all the rocking moves to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. Learn when to pop that hip, slide smoothly, and also a basic tutorial of how to be a zombie for your next Halloween performance.

What will we cover?

A class catered for individuals taking their first step into dance, we will go through a selected part of the choreography and perfect it by the end of the class (if time permits).

The class will begin with a short warm-up session, just to sweat it out a little and limber up our bodies so as to be able to handle all of Michael Jackson’s moves without tearing a muscle. It will focus on precision with moves and full-on attitude when performing to an audience. Learn to express yourself in movement.

Who will be teaching?

lukeLuke is a dancer of 6 years, mainly in the styles of contemporary and jazz. He finds himself lacking the swag in hip hop dance but is slowly stepping into that field. Being extremely passionate about dance, he squeezes time out of his busy schedule as a medical student to take to the floor, even if it is just to boogie in his room.