Beginner’s Ukulele via Bob Dylan

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

The gentle ukulele must be THE best instrument to play. In an apartment, a car, on the beach, in the park – wherever friends gather it’s a hit.

It’s such a gentle little thing that you can strum under conversations and create the soundtrack of life. What’s more: it’s straightforward to learn and there are HEAPS of resources out there to help you.

Using a few classic Dylan tunes, this class will teach you basic ukulele chords and knowledge. It will give you access to thousands of songs and hours of happiness.

What will we cover?

  • How do you hold it? How do you strum it? How do you keep the beat?
  • Why a uke is much more than a little guitar. Tips on strings, ukes and why an electronic clip-on tuner is essential for the modern uker.
  • A touch of uke history so you can win points at trivia nights.
  • We will channel ‘His Bobness’ and learn three of his classic hits, building our stock of fundamental chords and strums.

You’ll go home with these tunes ‘under your belt’ and a couple of others to study. Plus you’ll get a very useful list of online resources, including the best places to get song sheets for future learning and sing-a-longs.

Who will be teaching?

Harry Harrison runs ‘Great Big Ukes‘ and presents the ‘Yarra YUkers’ on Tuesday nights in Richmond. He plays with the fabulous Melbourne Ukulele Kollective, helps out at the Melbourne Ukulele Festival, and performs with ‘Laid Back & Blue’ and ‘The Ukulele Experience’. He also teaches uke groups at workshops and festivals around Victoria. He’s a passionate advocate of the uke as a fun, mobile and (usually) inexpensive instrument. Ukuleles build community by appealing to musical beginners, up to international performance level.