Belly Dance your way through the Lockdown with Elisa ONLINE

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Is Netflix getting old? Do you want to get your hips moving and have some fun, even right there in your living room? Do you want to connect more deeply with your body and do some killer cardio without even realising you are doing it? Maybe to offset all those extra snacks we all seem to be munching on right now!

Learning belly dance is like a dynamic meditation which allow you to be present in the moment and to develop great awareness of the body. It’s a powerful and pleasurable gateway to mindfulness and presence. When dance movements are combined with visualization and body awareness techniques your way of dancing will become even more magnetic and radiant.

Belly dance is a beautiful way to express your sensual nature, connect with your body and your creative power. It’s an ancient art using fun, playful and sensual movement to help you connect with your deeper self. The experience is playful, profound and surprising.

What will we cover?

In the class we will cover:

  • Belly dancing fundamentals and combos
  • An understanding of how to isolate movement in your body (trust me, its a great workout!)
  • Guidance from a highly-experienced belly dance teacher
  • The opportunity to express yourself in a safe space
  • Benefits include;  Helps to develop body confidence, reduces stress, lift your mood and boosts immunity, helps to relieve PMS

What will you need?

  • Recommend wearing loose comfortable clothes

Elisa CaroWho will be teaching?

Elisa Caro is a trained Tantric Facilitator and dancer with many years experience who blends together teachings from ancient Tantra, shamanism and modern psychology, helps empower people to embrace their sexuality for more fulfilment in and outside of the bedroom. Her work focuses on helping people feel at ease in their body and connecting deeply with themselves so that they can live their lives with greater truth and integrity. You can connect with her on Facebook.