Better Chords, Better Strumming

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Sick of playing the same old chords? Baffled by the countless (and freaking difficult) alternatives offered online?

Join us as we uncover some simple techniques that will broaden your chord vocabulary and help you play your favourite songs BETTER. Improving quickly is easier than you think…

What will we cover?

The course is tailored to those that already have some basic chords under their belt, but are stuck in a rut of sorts. If you’re asking “Where to from here?” or, “How can I avoid playing barre chords?”, then this course is definitely for you.
In a nutshell, we will:

  • Paint a (very) brief and basic backdrop of how chords function and work together.
  • Introduce and apply the idea of chord ‘families’.
  • Learn how to use capo’s to play your favourite chords in ANY song.

Feel free to bring your guitar along so you can immediately start strumming.

Also, this workshop encourages you to bring any questions you may have about guitar playing.

Who will be teaching?

Since studying jazz and contemporary guitar at NMIT (2005), Josh has worked full time as a performer, guitar teacher and music producer. He has over ten years of teaching experience, including four years at various secondary institutions around Melbourne, and gets a massive kick out of seeing a student reach their musical goals.

He has performed at venues as large as the Myer Music Bowl, and as small as your Brunswick lounge room. More importantly, however, he enjoys a swift pint (or two) at the pub, a jog around Princes Park, NBA basketball, and late night card games.

You can learn more about Josh at: and if you enjoy the workshop, regular or sporadic private guitar tuition is available (based in Carlton North).