Bitcoin for Beginners: Cryptocurrency!

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Bitcoin is an open source cryptocurrency – computerised mathematical algorithms which, with the right software, match up to make virtual coins that can be bought, sold and traded for goods.

Some say Bitcoin is a currency, others say it’s a commodity… one thing it is for sure is controversial. Many economists are scratching their heads trying to peg it into a box, while Silicon Valley is investing millions of dollars into Bitcoin startups. It’s global, fast, extremely easy to use.

For some it’s only a matter of time before we’ll all be using it. This class is for people who like to be ahead of the game.

What will we cover?

While we’re discussing the current Bitcoin framework, talking about the ethics of money (or lack thereof), we’ll be moving Bitcoins from one wallet to another. The focus of the class is to familiarise ourselves with how to use Bitcoin and be comfortable enough to trade in the real world. You could call it an L-plates for future Bitcoiners, giving you a licence to disrupt the money system in a fun, playful manner!

This is a participatory class: you will require a wallet to receive coins. The cloud-based wallet at comes highly recommended, they also have a fully functional app for Android phones. Blockchain apps on iPhones will be able to send/receive coins, although not all app capabilities can be used from an iPhone. Please set up a Blockchain account before you arrive at the class!

Who will be teaching?

Dale Dickins, a passionate advocate for all things open source will be teaching this class. As part of her Communication Program and Participation Manager accountabilities with Landmark Education she has worked with thousands of people questioning traditional paradigms to assist them break through invisible barriers. She has been a raw vegan for close to 3 years and believe that when we learn to stand for what we believe in it’s only a matter of time before our dreams are REAL-ised.