Body Language for Confidence with Rachel

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Communication is the new buzz word and with good reason: better communication means better connections, relationships, etc… so if you are a master of your words, what comes next? Body language and facial expressions!

More than half of our communication is silent, our bodies speak for us, so learning to interpret someone’s body language can help you see more of what they may not be “saying” and more of what they really mean, even small changes in facial expressions or gestures can make a difference to the message being sent. Developing a better understanding of body language is a fun way to empower yourself 

What will we cover?

Initially, we will take some time to understand the basics of body language. This will involve a quick session of facial and body exercises, to warm up all of stiff unused muscles from our bodies and faces. Then, we will analyse the different types of expressions and their meanings with fun effects.

Micro expression is the other of non-verbal communication and can be a great tool to leverage with body language. Finally, we will put this all into action through Rachel’s demonstration and fun activities together to master the art of Confidence through the combination of Micro expression and Body language.

Rachel ChungWho will be teaching?

Rachel Chung has over 10 years of experience as an international image consultant. She believes that ‘everyone has great inner strength, waiting to come out and she is here to unleash that potential’. Rachel understands that every human being is different, and she caters to the client’s individual requirements to suit their personality, body shape, colours, lifestyle and age. She specialises in making lasting impressions for her clients by carefully selecting skincare, cosmetics and nutritional health products and personal development programs. She is the founder of Essence Consulting, a leading Melbourne-based consulting agency that provides a wide range of services to help organisations and individuals – both men and women – to be the best they can by harnessing the power of personal development.