Braiding: It’s As Easy As 1, 2, 3

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

What do you have in common with Rachel McAdams, Jessica Alba, and Katy Perry? Your hair can be braided to look just like theirs! From straight to curly hair, there’s a braid for every person and every occasion — for running to the shops to walking down the red carpet.

Learn how to do complicated braids you’d never thought you’d be able to manage, and leave with a brand-new hairstyle that will wow your friends.

What will we cover?

From the fishtail to the waterfall, the French braid to the Dutch braid, you’ll learn myriad ways to plait your hair. Braid around your head, upside down, just the top — go wild!

But first, we’ll take a look at braids through history, and see how celebrities showcase them on the red carpet. We’ll touch on a few inspirational websites for braiding tutorials — and I’ll show you how to do some braids on my two models, one with long hair, and the other with curly hair. (That’s right, even curlies can rock the braid action.)

Then we’ll start off practicing on one another! Make sure you have plans after class so you can show off your spectacular braided hair!

Who will be teaching?

Like many young girls, Theresa Winters owned Barbie dolls — on which she taught herself how to French braid. With the resurgence in braided styles, she’s once more become intrigued with all sorts of hairdos, and is thrilled that her degree in Classical Civilization is coming in use: those Ancient Greeks and Romans sure enjoyed a good braid or two.

An American transplant to the Antipodes, Theresa freelances for Time Out Melbourne magazine and volunteers as an Ambassador for She is obsessed with winning contests  (join the Facebook group Win Win Winters for more). You can ‘like’ her new Facebook page, Braiding With Theresa, to keep up with her workshops or book her for a private session!