Budget Like a Boss – Build Your Personal Budget with Alex ONLINE

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Building a budget and then using it is an essential ingredient to take control of your financial life. Don’t sit wondering where your money went – instead tell it where you want it to go.  Decide what you want and make it happen with your budget (rather than letting life happen to you).

  • Reduce your stress levels
  • Increase your sense of accomplishment
  • Get crystal clear about where to allocate your hard-earned money
  • Get organised with your finances
  • Feel confident
  • Feel in control of where your money goes

What will we cover?

Come to this budgeting class and be guided through the steps to set up your very own personal budget that you’ll love and can actually stick to.

In the class we’ll cover:

  • The key questions you must answer before building your budget
  • How to make your budget something you actually enjoy and you’ll something stick to
  • Building YOUR personal budget
  • Budgeting mindset essentials

Who will be teaching?

Alex Harvey is a holistic money coach and educator who is passionate about supporting others to break past money patterns and become empowered with this vital life resource.  Alex blends inner work and practical financial skills to empower people to finally create their life goals and ‘best life’ lifestyle.  Four years ago she created a money management system which enabled her to save $30K in one year despite having income that was up-and-down and inconsistent.  You can connect with her on her Instagram and Facebook or sign up for her free money training.