Bushfire Wildlife Crafting Support with Clare and Maria

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

With millions of animals affected by the unprecedented bushfires, shelters and wildlife rescues are in need of pouches, nests and beds to help. Let’s get together and learn how to make them using the patterns from the amazing Animal Rescue Craft Guild. We will have options for sewing, knitting and crocheting and can help people get started and go through the steps as well as answer questions. We won’t be able to teach total newbies but if you’ve had a go and can do a simple stitch come along. Hopefully we’ll get a few done during the class and the knowledge and confidence to make more on your own at home.

What will we cover?

We’ll be making

  • Bat wraps and carry bags with options to cut pattern pieces, pin them and use a sewing machine
  • Single crochet bird/rodent nests
  • Knitted joey pouches

We will have printed patterns, sewing supplies, yarn and fabric. Please bring soft fabrics, yarns or any other materials you wish to donate as well as your own hook/ needles.

Who will be teaching?

Maria Yebra has crafted many cute and weird things in her life from fox hoodies to bias tape planters, wax skulls and cat rings. She loves to upcycle and has an extensive collection of loved “junk” she plans to turn into something useful one day.

Clare MacDonald is all sorts of crafty, and has been making and remaking her clothes since grunge was here the first time around. She loves to make useful things from baskets to clothes often while swearing quietly under her breath. You can follow some of her crafty pursuits on her instagram.