Busting the Myths on Refugees and Asylum Seekers

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

How much do you know about asylum seekers, refugees and boat people? Despite refugee and asylum seeker issues making daily headlines in Australia, confusing and conflicting messages make it difficult to know what’s really going on. If you’ve been hearing bits and pieces but don’t quite know what to believe, come along and let’s sort it out.

What will we cover?

This class aims to help you make sense of it all and separate fact from fiction. We’ll cover a range of refugee and asylum seeker issues in Australia, including who comes here, why, and what happens once they arrive. We’ll brainstorm about current policies in Australia, how they can be improved and how they compare to other countries.

You’ll have the opportunity to hear asylum seekers and refugees talk about their own experiences, learn from people who have been on the front line of service provision, research and advocacy and even role-play to get a bit more insight into this complex and rapidly changing area.

Who will be teaching?

Angeline is a Research Fellow with the University of Melbourne and has had a keen interest in the processes and effects of forced migration for nearly a decade. She has conducted research on the health care needs of asylum seekers, spent years as a volunteer caseworker with the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre and is a member of Researchers for Asylum Seekers (RAS) and the Academics and Advocates for Refugees Network.