Life Transitions: Change Can Be Easy!

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Change happens in everyone’s life. It is not the change itself that creates the problem, the transition through change, is where people get stuck!

This class will look at the difference between change and transition, and explore a simple model on how to navigate your way through it.

What will we cover?

We will look at why transition is important in everyone’s life and explore the three stages of transition: endings, neutral zone, new beginnings. We’ll then discuss how we can move them through them more effectively.

We will use practical exercises to help navigate our way through a current transition more successfully and cope with the impact of change.

Who will be teaching?

Elizabeth is no stranger to transitions having gone through many in her life, from health to careers. A major life transition for her was when she made the decision to leave the corporate and material worlds behind by selling all her possessions and embarking on her spiritual journey. Through a personal journey and development over two decades, Elizabeth has explored a number of models of change. She discovered the William Bridges Transition model and knew immediately that this was the key to unlock her own ‘stuckness’ in moving forward. Excited by this, and with a renewed sense of purpose in life, she is passionate to show others how to break free from their own struggle and create a new beginning and a new life.