Cheers: Beer Tasting

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Have you ever wondered what makes different styles of beer taste unique? Do you want to learn how using only 4 ingredients – water, malt, hops and yeast – a brewer can produce numerous beers that taste, smell and look unlike each other? We will be exploring the effect of malt, hops and yeast on the final beer.

What will we cover?

This class is for anyone who enjoys beer and wants to increase their appreciation of different beer styles by learning more about what they’re made of. This class will introduce you to the key flavour and aroma profiles produced by a range of various malts, hops and yeast. You will be given the opportunity to taste three flights of beers, each group of beers focussing on one of the main ingredients. This will be accompanied by a detailed discussion of the key ingredients and some tips on how to taste beer like the experts. Expect to taste some diverse and interesting beer styles that highlight the ingredients of this delicious beverage.

Who will be teaching?

annabelAnnabel is a chemical engineer/environmental scientist turned brewer who, after many years of brewing all grain beers from her own homemade shed brewery, decided to follow her passion and study a Diploma in Brewing at Federation University. In 2014, she eventually started her own Melbourne based brewing company Himmel Hund. Being passionate about sustainability and all things natural, she aims to brew good quality beers using local, ethical and seasonal ingredients. She loves sharing her brewing knowledge with others.