Circadian Rhythm vs the 24-Hour Life

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

It used to be New York that was the city that never sleeps, but now it seems to be the majority of the modern world. As we deny our natural body clock’s function, to live alongside the rise and fall of the sun, our health and wellbeing pays the price

If you’re someone who lives around that clock but still wants to maximise their quality of life, health and wellbeing then that’s what this class is all about. This session takes a look at the impact of the ‘twenty-four-hour life,’ and then explores the various ways we can adapt of use of the basic elements such as light, food and exercise.

Whether you are a shift worker, or just someone who wants to live a busy life to the fullest, bring along your questions, learn something new and share a laugh with the group.

What we will cover?

  • Functioning and relevance of the circadian rhythms (body clock)
  • Sleep and sleep disturbance
  • How culture affects our choices

This will lead into a practical and interactive discussion aimed at helping you build an understanding of how to use basic elements including light, food, exercise and sleep to better arm yourself for the shifts ahead.

Understanding how to best use food, light, sleep and nutrition empowers us to be the best of ourselves, and prevents the unintentional harm that occurs when we don’t truly understand the consequence of the life we lead.

Who will be teaching?

Jye Fisher is a 27-year-old flight paramedic who has spent the last 5 years doing fulltime shift work, and 22 years before that wanting to live a busy life to the fullest. The health and wellbeing of shift workers has been a passion project of his for years. It was triggered when he joined the ambulance service five years ago and discovered the many ways his health was bound to suffer from shift work, without getting any information on why or how to avoid it. He has been compiling a wealth of evidence since then that he hopes can help us evolve our way of thinking so that we can be aware of our choices, and choose the life we truly want to lead.