Clay Jewellery

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Learn all there is to know about the wondrous medium that is clay, and the endless creative possibilities it supplies!

In this class we will be using airborne clay to create unique jewellery that will reflect our own styles and at the same time we’ll learn everything we need to know to progress into the real stuff.

What will we cover?

Clay is one of the most therapeutic creative mediums and this class will give us the chance to relax. We will start with a free design “mess” time, using various different tools and methods to imprint and mark clay; usually the best patterns are created when not thinking about the final goal.

We will then set out to create our jewellery pieces. By working with the freedom clay allows, learning new techniques and using various tools and templates we will each create our unique pieces. Each student will leave the class with a personally designed pendent, pair of earrings and magnets.

Through out the class we will also be talking about the processes, joys and terrors with traditional kiln fire clay. The class will encourage students to pursue the art of ceramics further with confidence and knowledge of working with clay.

Who will be teaching?

Emma Moore is an ceramic artist who explores both functional and conceptual ceramics. Her conceptual ceramics consist of narrative pieces, which address issues such as the cycle of life, war, and politics. As a product designer she made it her goal to be trained in a diverse variety of materials. You can take a look at her webpage to see some of her own creations and designs. While Emma now concentrates on product design, prop and set construction, she will always love working in ceramics, and most off all enjoys teaching it!!