Comedy Writing for Newbs

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Ever walked out of a comedy show thinking, ‘How do they do that?’ Come find out some really easy ways of getting your own kind of funny out of your bones and onto the stage, performing your first stand up routine in a low-risk, fun, supportive environment. Learn how to write jokes for your next function, or even just as a creative exercise.

What will we cover?

A gentle start with brain-storming of comedic material, basic jokes structures, and how to write for performance. The we’ll move on to the actual standing-up part, looking at microphone technique, stage persona, audience reception and info on comedy nights in Melbourne.

Who will be teaching?

LaurenLauren Bok is a Melbourne-based writer, performer, and stand up comedian, who is known for her bright, witty and physical comedy. She regularly appears as a stand up and MC in Melbourne comedy rooms, and writes for Channel 31’s Live on Bowen, and website Illegitimate Theatre. She is a comedic performer in the award-nominated Radio Variety Hour and host of variety show The Mile High Club. She also likes cheese toasties more than a grown woman should.