Costume Design 101

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

But… Aren’t they just wearing their own clothes?

In this class costume design for film and television will be unravelled. We’ll be talking about what’s involved in costume design and the thoughts that go behind getting that character on the screen.

What will we cover?

We will start by explaining how a costume designer’s mind works!

We will do a few costume exercises to experience the way we think about a character’s development through the visual language of what they wear. We will also explore how the clothes we choose to wear says things about who we are.

Who will be teaching?

Edie Kurzer has been a freelance costume designer for over 25 years and work across film, tv and theatre. Her most recent job was living in the 70’s and 80’s designing the costumes for the T.V. mini-series MOLLY for channel 7.

Please visit her website for a more complete list of the work she have done over these years.