Psychedelic Art on Your Phone with Amicus ONLINE

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Using just your smartphone, a piece of paper and some coloured pens, we’ll discover and explore different methods to create your own piece of psychedelic art.

Working through limitless colours and patterns, you will be able to manifest and create artwork that is unique to you.

What will we cover?

We will learn about freestyle art, doodling, drawing with repetitive lines, shapes, patterns and dots; and how to convert a simple physical drawing into a layered digital artwork.

In the workshop, we will cover:

  • Different guidelines to create your base pattern
  • How to manipulate patterns/photographs
  • Simple editing techniques to bring out vividity

What will you need?

For this class you will need:

  • A smartphone with a camera. Please download the free app ‘Layout from Instagram’
  • Some plain paper
  • Your choice of coloured pens

Who will be teaching?

Heavily influenced by all art forms, myth and culture, Amicus Atman weaves together cross dimensional and highly immersive artwork in order to share experiences, meaning and stories of wisdom. In a unique connection between nature and ego, friendship and the soul, Amicus uses ink, lights, paper, his phone, feathers, all the colours and digital software to produce simple yet elaborate configurations of design so that each piece brings a feeling of joy, comfort and familiarity.

Amicus Atman has presented five art exhibitions across Naarm (Melbourne) over the last 2 years

Check out his instagram – @amicus_atman

And Facebook: