Cross Stitch: X Marks the Spot

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Cross-stitch is making a comeback! Just like the art of macramé, everything that’s old is new again. Learn (or re-learn) the easy and fun art of turning little thread x’s into beautiful/quirky designs. By the end of class, you’ll walk away with a bookmark you’ve made yourself.

What will we cover?

We’ll start off with the basics: what counted cross-stitch is, what kind of materials you use to do it, and how to make that perfect x. You’ll learn the technique of back-stitch too. You’ll cross-stitch your initial onto a beautiful bookmark — or, for adventurous people, you can even create your own design. You’ll never think about cross-stitch the same way after this class!

Who will be teaching?

TheresaKnown for her ever-popular braiding classes at Laneway Learning, Theresa Winters isn’t just about the hairdos. She keeps busy co-writing the events website The Plus Ones; freelances for Time Out Melbourne magazine; and runs Win Win Winters, a newsletter/Facebook group devoted to competitions. To find out when her next braiding class is, check out — and keep an eye out for future Laneway Learning classes on all sorts of subjects.