Cupboard Cosmetics

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Ever examined the ingredients of your moisturiser only to be overwhelmed with scientific lingo and the feeling you just smeared an industrial chemical on your face? Concerned about animal products and bi-products in your skin care? Not to mention animal testing? Are you peeved at all the plastic, packaging and disregard for good environmental practice? Feeling a bit thrifty and nifty these days?

Shhhhh, hush now, lean in a little, I’ve got a secret for you… you (yes you) can make all of your own skin care – in the comfort of your kitchen (wine not optional), from materials otherwise known as … FOOD!

What will we cover?

  • Step one – turn your fridge, pantry and kitchen into a mini cosmetics lab (discuss equipment)
  • Step two – set a production agenda (discuss what can be made at home. Hint … everything)
  • Step three – key ingredients and what they’re good for (discuss the right ingredient for the job)
  • Step four – talk recipes, skin types, seasons, price, produce, procurement
  • Step five – participate in a giant Laneway Lab cosmetic cook off demonstration (eg take stuff home)

Who will be teaching?

ShannonMaxwell-38The Green Genie (GG for short) is all for empowering healthy people for a healthy planet. She loves to share her wealth of experience in small space gardening, food foraging, green cleaning, DIY cosmetics & perfumes, quality self-care and massage. Let her lead you up the garden path to a fresh, fun approach to sustainable living and self-sufficiency. She’ll probably want to stop to smell all the flowers on the way (maybe even pilfer a few) but apparently vegan chocolate helps her maintain focus … (ahem).