Dark Worlds: The Glory of Gothic Literature

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Gothic literature has captivated audiences since the 18th century and remains popular today. From crazed monks to vampires, learn what threads the monsters and madmen of Gothic fiction together, and decide if modern Gothic work lives up to the scary standards of the past.

What will we cover:

Gothic literature has horrified and enthralled audiences since it first appeared on shelves in 1764. Learn why the settings, themes, characters and creators of canonical Gothic literature continue to resonate with audiences today.

This class will introduce you to the essential elements of Gothic literature including:

  • Critical settings: creepy castles, haunted houses and unnatural nature,
  • Key themes: the supernatural, good versus evil and melodrama,
  • Institutional characters: Dracula, Frankenstein, the brooding Heathcliff and many more,
  • Curious creators: Radcliffe, Poe, Shelley, Stoker and other Gothic authors.

We’ll also act out some key passages, decide if today’s Gothic literature remains true to its origins, and perhaps create our own haunting tale…

Who will be teaching:

Jess has been a proud bookworm since the age of three, and developed a particular interest in Gothic literature during her Bachelor of Arts (English) degree. She followed up with a Master of Publishing & Communications and is currently working in publishing.