Death in the afternoon – Absinthe and Hemingway with Meagan ONLINE

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Ever been offered “Death in the Afternoon” – the liquid alchemy created by American writer Ernest Hemingway?
During this class you will come to learn how to prepare and enjoy “Death in the Afternoon” as well as delve into the history and heady effects of absinthe with your mistress of absinthe, Meagan.

What will we cover?

Discover the history and tradition of absinthe – from its creation as an herbal remedy to it becoming a muse for Ernest Hemingway. This session will cover:

  • The history and birthplace of absinthe
  • How absinthe is made and what’s in it
  • Why absinthe was banned for almost 100 years
  • Hallucinogenic properties of absinthe
  • Traditional absinthes and modern absinthes (what’s available and how it’s made now).
  • How Hemingway met Absinthe
  • How to make Death in the Afternoon

What will you need?

To join in, first yourself some real absinthe.

  • When purchasing a bottle of absinthe, try not to get anything that looks neon or bright emerald green. Chances are it is artificially coloured and flavoured and won’t give you the intense herbal symphony that a good absinthe does.
  • The best available in Australia include varieties from Distillerie Les Fils and Demoiselle Distillery available at Dan Murphy’s.
  • Please note: Green Fairy is not genuine absinthe and is not suitable for this session.
  • Then, grab your favourite chilled sparkling wine – a little sweet works well.
  • Lastly – have your best champagne class on hand.

Who will be teaching?

Join Meagan, your mistress of absinthe. Since falling in love with the Green Fairy more than 10 years ago she has imbibed her way around the world sharing stories of this misunderstood aperitif. For several years Meagan served absinthe at a boutique, specialist absinthe bar in Sydney – the first of its kind in Australia.  Her lust with La Fee Verte took her on the absinthe trail through France and Switzerland where she met and interviewed many of the best absinthe producers in the world.