DIY Interior Design: Hero Piece Driven Design with Belinda (Online)

This class has passed
This class has passed

Do you want to decorate, renovate or reinvent your home space but have no idea where to start?
Don’t know what your ‘style’ is?
Have you saved a whole heap of seemingly random images in Pinterest?

Interior Designer, Belinda, will show you how easy interior design can be with her ‘hero piece driven design’ process.

This process is applicable to both renters and homeowners and can be applied to a single room or an entire home. 

What will we cover?

In this class you will:

    • Create a cohesive interior design scheme
    • Streamline the design process to reduce decision fatigue
    • Harness the power of Pinterest so that you can shop with confidence
    • Create a mood board in Pinterest for one room based on your chosen (or the supplied) ‘hero piece’. 
    • A hero piece can be anything; an artwork, piece of furniture, doona cover, etc.

      What will you need?

      • A Pinterest account
      • A room in mind that you’d like to redesign
      • A hero piece, or you can design around the piece I will share during class

      Who will be teaching?

      Belinda (she/her) has a background in process design and a passion for interior design.

      She has developed a ‘hero piece’ driven approach to interior design that is fun, effortless and can be applied to any hero piece, space and budget. 

      Through her business hausmade, Belinda is on a mission to help people create homes that reflect their personal style and are a joy to live in.

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