DIY Natural Perfumes – Pour Femme et Homme

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

So, you get swept away by sexy scents? Perhaps you’ve got a passion for potions? Learn how to blend essential oils and other natural ingredients for aromatic enjoyment in just seven easy steps. Wear it, gift it, tizzy up your space with it, most definitely impress your friends with it, or use it to charm that unsuspecting object of your affections on the tram.

It’s fresh, cruelty free, easy, cheap, clean(ish) fun and you can take home your signature scent. BONUS.

What will we cover?

With noses poised and hands ready for action, this practical class will teach you:

  • safety first
  • the unique ways you can sparkle up your life with scent
  • materials that can be used as a base for your magical aroma
  • which scent makes sense for you (yep, special old you)
  • some guidance on building a fragrance
  • smelling stuff, playing with stuff, making stuff, taking stuff home

Who will be teaching?

ShanLook, is it a speaker? A teacher? A preacher? No it’s the thrifty and nifty Green Genie sharing her love of all things green living and self-sufficiency. By day she’s a soft-tissue therapist and sports trainer, and in the evenings she delivers proven, practical life-hacks on small space gardening, sprouting, urban foraging, green cleaning, DIY cruelty-free perfume and skincare, massage, and stress reduction. GG will help you to discover simple solutions to everyday problems, be the healthiest and happiest you, and save time, money, effort and the planet. Results guaranteed!