DIY Natural Perfumes – Pour Femme et Homme

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Replace all your personal and household synthetic fragrances with fresh, natural, eco-friendly alternatives. Room sprays and deodorisers, linen mists, perfumes, body oils, rollettes – learn to do it all. Does toilet spray make you cray cray? Does nana’s musk leave you brusque? Does a waft of Britney Spears bring you to tears?

If you answered yes to any of the above it’s time to delve nose first into the world of natural perfumery, essential oils and basic blending.

What will we cover?

Here the Green Genie will open her book of magic smells and share with you all the blending basics and know how you need to create naturally perfumed products. With noses poised and hands ready for action, this practical class will teach you:

  • fragrance families
  • top, middle, base
  • formulating a blend
  • how to store and use ingredients
  • essential oil safety and sustainability
  • synthetic or “fragrance” oils (what’s the difference?)
  • how to select quality ingredients and where to buy them
  • a huge variety of essential oils to work with on the day (over 20)
  • recipes, discussions and demonstrations of how to use your blend including diffusing, linen sprays, perfume, botanicals and perfume balms
  • oh and of course there will be fantastic take home products made by your own fair hands

Who will be teaching?

ShannonMaxwell-38The Green Genie (GG for short) is all for empowering healthy people for a healthy planet. She loves to share her wealth of experience in small space gardening, food foraging, green cleaning, DIY cosmetics & perfumes, quality self-care and massage. Let her lead you up the garden path to a fresh, fun approach to sustainable living and self-sufficiency. She’ll probably want to stop to smell all the flowers on the way (maybe even pilfer a few)but apparently vegan chocolate helps her maintain focus … (ahem).