Drawing Persian Geometry with Pouya

This class has passed
This class has passed

Drawing is one of the simplest way to create art, but many people feel uncomfortable to draw as they think they are “not good at drawing”, “not artistic” or “not creative”. Not True! Drawing is a pleasure for everyone to enjoy!

 In this beginner-friendly workshop you will explore Persian Nomadic Patterns & Iranian Tiling Geometry, and use grid paper to create and draw your own designs. 

Explore your own creativity within the boundaries of the grid and this unique style of drawing. It’s very meditative and joyful to do!

What will we cover?

In this class we will explore:

– Persian Nomadic Patterns & Iranian Tiling Geometry

– Using grid paper to create your own designs in this style and aesthetic


  • Wheelchair Accessible Venue
  • Gender Neutral Bathrooms
  • Quiet Spaces
  • Discounted Early Bird Tickets
  • Free Tickets for First Nation Attendees
  • Auslan Interpreted Upon Request 

Who will be teaching? 

Pouya (he/him) is a professional visual artist and designer who is currently working as a full time teacher within Melbourne schools.

He is very passionate about art and design, and teaching it to people.

Important info:

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Photo of Teacher’s own artwork.

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