Drawing With Perspective

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Time to get a bit of perspective? Artists and designers discovered how perspective drawing worked in the 15th Century. They then dazzled people with their realistic depth in paintings.

Using a few simple techniques you can create amazing pieces of art that show off the world around you. Designers, artists and sketchers use these principles to get 3D drawings looking just right. Now it’s your turn!

What will we cover?

We’ll cover the basics of one and two point perspective before getting you started on a few projects of your own. We will also learn how other people have used the techniques to give you a greater appreciation for art, architecture and design.

You can use these ideas to help you sketch landscapes or buildings, design logos, plan paintings or better understand art.

Who will be teaching?

Linda profile pictureLinda is an artist and secondary school teacher. She has taken hundreds of teenagers through perspective drawing and loves seeing them take the ideas and create amazing things.