Eat, Pray, Curl

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Curly hair. It’s a burden many people shoulder, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Do you look at your curls in despair with no idea what to do with them? Did you used to day dream about having ‘The Rachel’? Are your hair straighteners your best friend?

Curly hair is wonderful and unique but it can be challenging. With a few simple changes to your routine you can learn to rock your curls and embrace what your mamma gave you.

What will we cover?

We will be delving into the ‘curly hair bible’ to learn:

  • Introduction to the ‘curly girl’ method of caring for your curls – no more sulphates, no more silicones and co-washing as an alternative to shampoo
  • How to style your curls for frizz-free definition
  • How to dry your curls using an old t-shirt and a technique called ‘plopping’ (nope we’re not making that up)
  • What to ask your hairdresser when you venture into the salon
  • A look at different products and which ones are good (or bad) for your curls. We invite you to bring in your products from home and will help you work out which ones are good for your curls
  • Loads of info of curly hair websites and general tips on having fabulous curls on a daily basis

Who will be teaching?

Neel MorleyNeel is a curly hair specialist. He has been cutting hair since 1999 but stumbled across a curly hair seminar in 2005 and never looked back. Now his clients are 95% curly/wavy haired and he recently had more training in New York at the Devacurl curly hair academy. Neel does what most hairdressers have no idea about: he will share with you his passion for curls. If you straighten your hair every day or don’t know how to love your hair, Neel will show you the way to loving your curls. you can check out his blog for more information and curl inspiration.

LouLou is a curly hair convert. Having spent a large chunk of her life cursing her wild locks she is now a lover and embracer of all things curly. Lou set out on a journey to learn and try out as many things as she could to make her curls bigger and better and she loves helping others to do the same. She shares the tricks and tips she’s discovered along the way on her blog.

At this Laneway Learning class you get a wonderful mix of someone who spends 40 hours a week with curly hair and someone who has lived with amazing curly hair too. Fabulous!