eBay-sics: Marketplace Guru

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Have you ever wanted to get rid of something that’s too good to just give away, has never been used, or is getting lost amongst too much ‘stuff’? Hate the idea of waste? …or want to make some extra money? Why not sell your unwanted things on eBay? This introductory class about eBay is the best place to start!

What will we cover?

eBay is one of the biggest online marketplaces in the world, but one that anyone can make the most of once they know how to use it.

In this class, we’ll learn the basics of eBay, including both buying and selling, whilst considering the bigger questions about determining value, sustainable consumerism, and how to maintain trust whilst trading with strangers. So come along and you’ll know how to make money, you wouldn’t have otherwise had, by selling things you were going to get rid of anyway!

Who will be teaching?

LaurenLauren Sanders is an amateur eBay enthusiast, with a 100% positive feedback rate, who believes that making money and being environmentally friendly aren’t mutually exclusive values. Since becoming a member in 2009 she has made over 100 transactions and almost $3000.